Friday, April 16, 2010

Win a $1000 Production Contract from June 2010 Short Shorts Contest

We are pleased to announce that we have received funding for a contest of short comedic films.

The winning films will be featured on the first page of a new web-site launching in mid-June projected to be seen by millions of viewers.

This is a great opportunity for your film to be seen. If your film is chosen, you will be compensated for its exclusive use on this new site*. You will also be eligible for a production contract. will be awarding production contracts valued at $1000 to the most popular filmmakers.

*The top 60 films chosen for the site will receive $25 as compensation for exclusive use of their film for 30 days and non-exclusive after that.

Deadline for submission for the contest is May 15th, but we will be picking winners from qualified entries as we receive them, so the quicker that you submit, the better chance that you have to be picked.

The first 20 winners will be announced on May 1st.



A new web-site aimed at 18-34 men (similar to, or has asked YoungCuts & to develop short (under 5 minutes) comedic content that they will feature prominently on their new web-site.

If you are looking for ideas about types of content, take a look at the most popular videos on the sites listed above (or in the humor section of Youtube.)

Based on their experience launching other very successful web-sites the owners of this new site confidently expect to have millions of unique visitors from launch.


How do I submit?

Mail a .MOV file or .AVI file to: June 2010 Short Short Contest
c/o YoungCuts Film Festival
1010 Sherbrooke W Suite 1220
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, H3A 2R7


Contact Michael Ryan at 514.285.4591
Or by e-mail at

If your .MOV or .AVI file is under 100MB contact Michael for alternatives to mailing.


YoungCuts Film Festival presented by

This contest has no age limit. but filmmakers 25 or under as of December 31st, 2001 can also submit their films to the YoungCuts Film Festival. Our application form is here: 2010 YoungCuts Application Form.


You can apply on-line through

Application fee for short shorts (Films under 5 minutes) is $15 until May 15th.



60 filmmakers will receive $25 for their films for a non-exclusive distribution rights (exclusive for 30 days) with a profit-share if any money is made off of the films.

Please note that these payments of $25 will be made exclusively by PayPal on or about June 15th.

50 of these films will be featured on the new site prominently.

Of these films, 1 filmmaker will receive a production contract of $1000.00 This will be awarded by based on film quality and popularity.

If your film is one of the 60 chosen, you will receive an e-mail with a distribution agreement that you will need to sign to receive your prize.


Questions? Comments? Need More Information?
Contact Michael Ryan at 514.285.4591
Or by e-mail at