Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video of the Day: Foodsploitation

Video of the Day

Courtesy of the YoungCuts Film Festival

What's It Called?  Foodsploitation

Who Made It?  Written and Directed by Adam Bagatavicius

Where Is It From?   Canada (Quebec)

How Old Is the Director?  25

What Is It?  Black and White Experimental

How Long Is It?  6:06

What Is It About? A food exploitation fantasia. Specializing in cringe cuisine and gastronomic humiliation, no ingredient is safe from The Chef.

When Did YoungCuts Play It?  2011

Why Did YoungCuts Play It? Foodsploitation is the best kind of experimental film.

It tells a coherent story. It's fun and funny. It rather gently satirizes horror films while simultaneously asking a serious question about how much we think about the food we eat and how we prepare it.

Our only mild criticism is that the film is just over one minute too long. Not that it isn't entertaining at 6 minutes, But if it was 5 minutes, it would have been one of our 5 nominees for Best Short Short film and would have had an excellent chance to win the category.

What Awards Did It Win?  Top 100 Short Films YoungCuts Film Festival

Filmmaker Statement The Chef holds a bag of groceries hostage, and pushes them to the furthest reaches of pain and pleasure. Shot from the perspective of each ingredient, the exploitation meter ranges from terror to titillation as Coconut is impaled, Carrot undergoes a sloppy briss, Onion weeps from tickle torture, and Blueberries crack under the pressure.

Introducing Aunt Jemima in her Blaxploitation film debut, featuring The Chef's biggest comeback role since his incarceration following 'Buns on the Bunsen Burner', get ready for an explosive ending that will leave your eyes with gastro, and never able to look at food the same way again. Where did YOUR groceries sleep last night?

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