Friday, February 3, 2012

Video of the Day: Beg

Video of the Day

Courtesy of the YoungCuts Film Festival

What's It Called?  Beg

Who Made It? Written and Directed by Tommy Malone

Where Is It From? Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How Old Is the Director? 24 at the time of production.

Who Is the Director?  Tommy is a story teller, his comedy improv experience feeds his need for story telling in the medium of film.

What Is It?  Live Action Drama

How Long Is It? 0:29

What Is It About?  What does your clothing say about you?

When Did YoungCuts Play It?  2010

What Awards Did It Win?  Top 100 Short Films 2010 YoungCuts Film Festival.

Why Did We Play It?  Comedy is all about timing and Beg is exactly as long as it needs to be. One beat longer would have been milking it. One beat shorter would have caused confusion and ruined the punchline. (Also's Tommy's reaction is perfect.)

Filmmaker Statement  This was an exercise in making as short a film as possible with a fun payoff.


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Video of the day is brought to you in part by Canadian Heritage.

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