Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video of the Day: Only Human

Video of the Day
Only Human

Courtesy of the YoungCuts Film Festival

What's It Called?  Only Human

Who Made It?  Written and Directed by Caroline de Konick

Where Is It From?   Canada (Quebec)

How Old Is the Director?  25 (22 at the time of production)

Who Is the Director?  Caroline de Koninck is born on October 22nd 1986, and raised in the suburbs of Montreal as the youngest of a family who are diversified in culture and work. Her mother is a theologian working in local parishes; her father, a retired business consultant; her brother, a mechanical engineer; and her eldest brother, a musician and journalist.

De Koninck is a young director who specializes in animated film. She did her undergraduate work at Concordia University where she produced many films that have entered several festivals around the world. She has tried her hand at several techniques including 3D computer animation, stopmotion, clay painting, and pencil drawing. Her favorite types of films revolve around a strong story, so she strives to become an inspirational storyteller with the aid of simple yet meaningful imagery. She believes that the story is of utmost importance, more than the look of the film: so her imagery is not overly detailed and every part of the image has a conceptual purpose.

De Koninck also has a passion for post-production. She worked on a NFB production in association with Warner Brothers Home video as a compositor and editor.

She will pursue her love in filmmaking and wishes to have her work shown around the world.

What Is It?  Stop Motion Animation.

How Long Is It?  2:08

What Is It About?  Self-Portrait: Two personalities clash as a girl tries to get her
dog to obey her commands.

When Did YoungCuts Play It?  2009

Why Did YoungCuts Play It?  It's a lovely little parable about how humanity has become so mechanized and robotic that only our machines have retained their souls. The judges at YoungCuts also like to watch the progression of filmmakers from year to year and project to project. Only Human builds on what Caroline learned making Good Girl.

The judges also liked the way that the only solid things in the film were the dog and the machines, while the humans have been reduced to the visual equivalents of the adult audio squawking from the Charlie Brown cartoons.

What Awards Did It Win?  Top 100 Short Films 2009 YoungCuts Film Festival

Filmmaker Statement  Only Human was my first attempt at stop motion. Manipulating the character with my hands gave me a different feeling than doing so with a computer mouse, and I loved it. The idea behind this film had been in my head for ages and was fueled by the song “Utopia” by Goldfrapp.


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Video of the day is brought to you in part by Canadian Heritage.

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