Friday, August 14, 2009 Connects Talent with Producers and Projects Connects Talent with Producers and Projects

The New Talent Marketplace connects the best North American filmmaking talent with corporate clients and individuals who want to produce attention-grabbing, affordable video and film. 

If you need a film - you can be a Film Producer!

For Film Producers: does the work for you, finding you the best available filmmaking talent for FREE.
-If you have ever wondered where to find people that can make outstanding quality video at the best prices, is where it happens.
-You will only be contacted by three pre-screened filmmakers
-One of the best ways to ensure that you pay a competitive market price.

-Your identity is only made known to the three filmmakers that bid on your project, protecting your identity. 

-Find pre-screened filmmaking talent - anywhere in North America and FAST!

-The Five Star Plan provides simple systems and processes that reduce time-wasting administration and make sure that you get what you want.

Get powerful video that advances your business! Register a project now. Go to

For Filmmakers:

-Make more money working on film projects and less time looking for them.
-Learn about commercial opportunities immediately. New projects sent to your e-mail.

-Don’t chase clients to get paid for excellent work.
-Access to production and administrative expertise.

-Easy Sourcing of filmmaking talent for your own projects. also offers to Film Producers and qualified Filmmakers a Five Star Plan that reduces administrative headaches and helps fast track production with standard contracts, invoices, payment processing, a dispute resolution service and a buyer satisfaction guarantee.

Find out how helps you make money, save money and reduce administrative headaches. Go now to

If you are producing a film or video and need talent to help you to do it, get 3 free bids now:

If you are a filmmaker and want to work with to advance your career, apply now at:

If you would like to evaluate your portfolio to become part of our Talent Marketplace, we are offering a time-limited special introductory annual subscription fee - only $9.95 USD. Only filmmakers with approved portfolios can use the Talent Marketplace and the Five Star Plan for their clients. (You can use either or both!)

If your film was selected to be shown at the YoungCuts Film Festival this is a good indication your work will be approved.

 Filmmakers who want to access relevant filmmaking content and keep in touch with can register for free, at is a new division of YoungCuts Inc. It expands and automates our efforts to connect talented filmmakers with producers and projects based on everything that we have learned over the past five years. Unlike the YoungCuts Film Festival, there are no age restrictions ( you do have to be older than eighteen years!) and there is no requirement to have previously participated in the YoungCuts Film Festival – we are simply seeking the best filmmakers that want to work professionally.

The basic principle of is that corporations, charities, small businesses and individuals looking for filmmaking talent will go to the site and enter the details of their project. Key details will be sent to approved filmmakers in the appropriate geographical area and up to three filmmakers will pay a small lead purchase fee to get complete details and submit a project bid. The Film Producer will then choose a filmmaker to work on the project. 

Since 2004, we have been working with great filmmaking talent to produce film and video for corporate clients like Pepsi, Air Canada, Astral Media and High Fidelity HDTV. is a natural extension of this work and permits us to connect the filmmakers directly with people that want to produce video and film.

***** Presents the YoungCuts Film Festival

This year, Presents the YoungCuts Film Festival - The 100 Best Short Films by Filmmakers 25 and under will play at Cinema du Parc in Montreal from September 25th to October 1st. We are informing filmmakers by the end of the week if their film has been chosen to be in our top 100 out of the more than 1,000 we have seen and we will make an official announcement of the top 100 next week,

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