Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Virgin96 Best Animation and Music Screening

YoungCuts Film Festival

Horaires Festival de Films YoungCuts Film Festival Schedule
Sunday, September 27th 3PM Cinéma du Parc 15h dimanche le 27 septembre.

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Sponsor/CommanditaireThe Virgin96 Best Animation and Music Screening will feature:

La Séance Virgin96 Meilleur Films d'Animation et Musique, incluant:

Films in this screening are short-listed for the Virgin96 Best Music Award and the Best Animation Award.

by Audrey St-Auneauld (Canada) A young man is resting when he is suddenly interrupted by a young woman playing the trumpet.

You Have the Right by Clarity (Canada)

We Are All Here by Yong Hwa ChoiWe Are All Here by Yong Hwa Choi (USA) We are all living on the Earth. We are all using the resources of the Earth and its' energy.

Freedom by Jeremy Izso, Mohammed Qassas and Illy Auerbach (Canada/Palestine/Israël) Hand-drawn paintings and meticulously rendered rotoscope images bled to create a poetic meditation on freedom.

Yea by Adam NewmanYea by Adam Newman (USA) A typical love story, except that someone falls off a cliff instead of in love.

Swan Song by Dillon Novak (USA) We are taken along a story of lost love and closure.

Electric Rivers by Esteban Vargas (Canada) Winner of the Montreal Fringe Festival film contest.

And Some Days It Rains by William FrazierAnd Some Days It Rains by William Frazier (USA) A mayfly only lives for one day, and sometimes that day can be a pretty bad one.

Remue-Ménage by Julie Bernier (Canada) Spring cleaning shows the stresses and strengths of a long-time married couple's relationship.

Infeccion by Viktoriya Gruzdyn (USA) The host gets infected by a foreign species, this interference leads to chronic wounds and even death.

I Will for it Rain by David Barlow-KrelinaI Will for it Rain by David Barlow-Krelina (Canada) A man sits alone in his apartment watching the streets below. He describes the changes in his life.

Only Human by Caroline de Koninck (Canada) If you were to see a lost dog stranded on the road, would you stop to help it?

Sweet Little Bird by Ashley McKenzie (Canada) Cape Breton rocker Carmen Townsend and her band-mates reveal their softer side in this music video.

Mask of Pretension by Sheldon PearsonMask of Pretension by Sheldon Pearson (Canada) Music video produced entirely by students at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Thorns by Nitzan Rotschild (USA) A man is haunted by the memory of his past lover while a seductive woman spends the evening with him.

Token Hunchback by Timothy Reckart (USA) A stop-motion mockumentary about an actor with a hunchback and his struggle against typecasting.

Le Pardon by Eleonore Goldberg (Canada) A man comes back to his home. The woman he loves ignores him. To be forgiven, he will shave his beard.

Cantame by Irene Boleda (Canada)

Meltdown by David GreenMeltdown by David Green (USA) Fridge leftovers fight for their lives when an invading block of ice threatens to absorb them all into its' frozen mass.

The Diary
by Benjamin Lussier (Canada) Eric, a young American worker, is moving to Montreal. He tells the story of his immigration process.

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