Monday, August 31, 2009

Tribute Magazine Best Teen Film Screening

YoungCuts Film Festival

Horaires Festival de Films YoungCuts Film Festival Schedule
Wednesday, September 30th 9PM Cinéma du Parc 21h, mercredi le 30 septembre.

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The Best Teen Film Screening will feature:


La Séance Meilleur Film d'Ado, incluant:

Listen to This by/par Itay Sasson, Jennifer Sarkar, Gilli Tohar, Mirna Yacoub and Abu Abara, Canada, Palestine and Israel. Two musicians practicing in adjoining rooms have a musical battle.

Winner of the YoungCuts/Directors of Change Frame It to Change It Contest: Dreams Beyond the Border by/par Jessica Szeto, Canada.

The Child of the World by/par Ho Rui An, Singapore. Devastated bu the death of his mother, Kevin creates an imaginary guardian with the ability to materialize Utopia.

What'd ya want, a happy ending? by/par Kyle Kleinbart, USA. Love eludes a lonely young man. Is the red balloon the key?

Roadrunner by/par Zac Wong, USA. A bored young suburbanite dreams of shaking through the streets, using only her shoes.

It Only Takes One by/par Gabe Benjamin, Nick Lieberman, Emily Firestein and Timmy Weston, USA. One person can think about their environment and make a difference in their world.

Sparks in the Night by/par Ben Kadie, USA. Detective Leon Sparks closes in on notorious lawbreaker Jerry Walker.

Birthmarks by/par Phil Hamilton, USA. Jacob leads Kyle to believe that a household microwave holds the key to unleashing his unique identity.

Blackspot Culture by/par Wayne Robinson, Canada. An investigation into the Blackspot anti-corporation and its' newest venture: the Blackspot sneaker.

Stickies and Stones by/par Helen Wong, Bernadette Che and Narissa Shivji, Canada. Every seven minuutes someone is bullied mentally or physically.

One Less Shamrock by/par Nick Kelly, Canada. An Irish immigrant struggles to gain control of his life and uphold his family values in the New York depression.

HUSH by Jauvonnie BrownHUSH by/par Jauvonnie Brown, USA. Four high school students - Four problems. Do they tell their secrets or keep it on the hush?HUSH by/par Jauvonnie Brown, USA. Four high school students - Four problems. Do they tell their secrets or keep it on the hush?

Silent Scream by/par Foundation for the Preservation of Wild Life and Cultural Assets in Armenia, Armenia. Youth filmmakers document animal abuse in Armenia.

Growing Up in India by/par Marc-André Boucher, Sarah Chartrand, Caitlin Chartrand, Florence Fortin-Brunet, Stéfanie Gauthier, Alexandra Hartnell-Godin, Taylor Herrington, Emilie Johnsson, Jenna Monney-Lupert, Laurent Malo, Alexandre Oakes-Câmara, Nathaniel Q, Julie Paquette, Julia Rogers, Kendra Veigh Ryan, Olivia Sheehy-Gennarelli, Michelle Vanderzon, Padmaja Gungun, Rohit Janegar and Mulkesh Nath. In the spring of 2009, a team of high school students traveled to Udaipur in the Northeastern desert state of Rajasthan in India to document personal stories and struggles of young people growing up in India.

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